Presentation of the book “Hermano Cerezo”

Yesterday at 7:30pm the presentation of the book “Hermano Cerezo” was held in the Centro Cultural Nuevo Inicio in Granada.

Many people dear to Don Manuel Vílchez, the hermit and priest from the mountainous region of Dúrcal and author of the book, were in attendance.

With him were his sister Angustias and Don Manuel España, who spent many years with him in the mountains, accompanying and treating hundreds of young men who suffered addictions. Continuous prayer and cultivating the earth have been the best medicine for these young men, not to mention the generous care and personal companionship that Don Manuel gave to each of them.

Today more than 600 people have benefited from Don Manuel’s generosity and several are priests.

It was an evening charged with emotion. Don Francisco Espigares Flores, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Granada, shared these words: “Manuel, when someone sees you and spends time with you they feel that God lives and is close to us.”

“Hermano Cerezo” can be purchased in the Cruz de Elvira bookstore in the Plaza de Alonso Cano in Granada.
All proceeds go to Cáritas.

For more about the life and work of Don Manuel: